Choose from 3 healthful options:


Posture - Explore the benefits of optimal posture to improve how you stand on the earth. Working with your posture can improve your relationship to breathing, more ease in the spine and body, and everyday mobility.


Movement - Explore the benefits of everyday mobility. Learn how to move about your home from day to day in a conscious and caring way. Consider this the yoga of daily living.


Mindfulness - In addition to the yoga of daily living, explore the benefits of being present in your mind and body, otherwise referred to as mindbody or bodymind in more modern conscious terms. Explore a few small areas where you can introduce mindfulness in daily living, such as with conscious eating, household maintenance/chores, and intrusive thoughts and/or language.


$45 for a 45 minute on-line session. What to expect:


1. Choose the category of interest to purchase

2. You will receive an email to coordinate scheduling and gather additional information

3. On the day of the session, you will join ia a link invitation for a video on-line session (a webcam is required)

4. Suggested books and other material will be provided with the session for your reference


*Discounts provided if multiple sessions are booked. Email for any questions.

Health Begins at Home