What does your self-care routine look like?

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Self-care. It seems like it's all we hear about lately. Some may wonder why, some may think "it's about damn time!" Wherever you are in your self-care routine is a great place to start or try different things. Since being around the women in my yoga teacher training, many topics have come up regarding health, self-care, and maintenance options, separate of a workout. It has been eye-opening to hear about other ways of doing things, and I have even recalled things I've learned as a child that I just plain forgot about. One thing in particular comes to mind; waking up the fascia. Of course fascia comes up in yoga teacher training discussion often and how important it is to keep it moving and fluid. This can be done in many ways; diet, movement, bodywork, or all of the above. So in training, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to pat our feet or gently chop our arms and legs. These actions jarred my memory to when my mother used to practice Chest PT as a visiting nurse on patients that were immobile or impaired. It looked pretty uncomfortable as she performed chopping movements on patients back, legs, or arms. At 12 years old, I had no idea what fascia was or the purpose of this odd looking maneuver. Little did I know how important this would become as an adult.

Another simple and beneficial self-care option is dry brushing. I have personally done this for about one year, and have noticed changes. Dry brushing helps the lymphatic system drain toxins and improves circulation. It can be a quick five minute routine just before jumping into the shower. An extra few minutes of attention given to your body can go a long way.

There are several other self-care routines you can begin learning about and trying either daily or weekly. To realistically balance busy schedules with work, home, children, or anything enjoyable, it can seem difficult to take five minutes to yourself. Your body will certainly thank you for it. I would love to hear your self-care tips!

Here are some that I have tried or am beginning to explore:

Copper tongue scraping

Oil pulling

Head to Toe self-massage (or a real massage :)

Foam rolling

Acupressure mat or acupuncture

Skin care/Hydrating the skin

Cosmetic/product free day

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