Sunday Yoga Sunday

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

I began sharing yoga with my sisters and close friends after my first yoga weekend in May 2018. Our little sessions evolved from backyard yoga, to Embodyoga with Bethany, to Yoga Sundays, and then ultimately Sunday Yoga Sunday held monthly at my sister's house. These moments where yoga brought us together began as something small and lighthearted, to becoming one of my favorite ways to spend time practicing with such beautiful women.

We've created this little bubble of yoganess and unspoken connectedness. In the short time I've slowly been sharing yoga with others, it has brought together many that I haven't spent time with in years and new faces began joining. I experienced the unity of yoga when we gathered together. Unlike the dire connotation in the song that this title is coined after, our time spent together can be likened to one lyric of hope "Cause tonight, we can be as one".

In the minutes spent basking in asana, pranayama, and laughter and conversation, it began to feel like a timeless, dynamic uniting was being created. What a beautiful thing to be a part of. I am inspired to share these moments with others.

Look out for Sunday Yoga Sundays continuing in 2019 & join if you'd like!

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