My Yoga Journey

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Likened to a Dr. Seuss book... my yoga journey started out as more of a handstand journey.

Over the past 2 1/2 years, much of my yoga journey began with handstand practice using walls, mats, and props. Yoga teacher training deepened my journey. I learned what vinyasa "flows" really are and slowly embodied "yoga from the inside out" as taught by my teacher. I learned the importance of posture, stability, mobility, deep core, and intention. In my yoga practice and also in daily life.

On the days where I feel I haven't grown in the ways I hope to, reflecting back on something tangible like in this video - reminds me how far I have truly come. This is not just on the physical level. This is for centering myself on the days I need it most.

In good fun, as the video showcases, I enjoy doing yoga everywhere and continue to try new things to see what I am capable of.

In Dr. Seuss fashion... turned semi poem.

Say, I like yoga, yes I do!

I do yoga here, there, and everywhere.

Oh, the places you'll go

& the things you will try with yoga!

In a home

With a wall

In the hall

Against a tree

On vacation

At a park

With a chair

Or handstand chair

With a yogawheel

Or a block

On the beach

Or a rock

On a bridge

In a river

Among bamboo

In a studio

In the grass

On the mat

Off the mat

On one leg

On two hands

Aerial gives u wings

Playing with acro

And nauli kriya

Or simply sitting

Lying down


Just let me be

No, don't ever let me be

~Bethany Jewell

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