Health Begins at Home

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Here we are, the taste of a new year behind us, and into a new decade - just like that! The new year motivation kicks in, short shelf life or not, and the January buzz is palpable with the hope of lasting change.

Change can begin right at home. What is your initial reaction or response to that? Looking inward, can you create one small change everyday? Do you even want to? It doesn't have to be anything grandiose to make a difference. Try to imagine how it may impact your external world.

If you crave change, consider an area of your home life that could use as much attention as the energy that you might exert by going out and about for it. Of course, its still important to get out, but by creating more space in your home, you can induce ease.

Could a room be turned more minimalist? Could a small space be turned into a reading or meditative nook? Could your dining room be turned into a workout/yoga room?

Could you think about how you move your body beginning right in your home among the everyday monotony? Attention to these small areas add up over time without feeling that you need something external to accomplish something.

Among the mind books I've read over the year, one suggestion stands out about how good change is for our brain. Have you ever tried brushing your teeth with the opposite hand? Do you think about how your body moves while getting dressed. Do you rely on sitting frequently to put socks or other clothing on? How about how you bend to do the dishwasher and/or laundry. Or how you ascend and descend stairs. Bringing attention to your posture during these seemingly simple movements can improve your well-being over time.

Not only talking about movement, but also just as importantly - stillness. Do you fully let go and rest when you are not moving? Bringing consciousness to the yoga of everyday life, daily movement, and being, is how Health Begins At Home.

My own nudging advice - try not to do it all at once or make extreme changes because we know what happens with too much. Burnout and overwhelm. Maybe begin with 1 small change. Just 1 small, sustainable thing. See what happens.

Cheers to a healthy & happy new year filled with possibility!

Here are some videos I've been working on for my Health Begins at Home sequences.

Health Begins At Home Promo

The Yoga of putting on & taking off socks

The Yoga of dishes & laundry

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