Healing thru yoga: Self-healing & Well-being article coming soon!

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Glancing back on this year, it's hard for me to believe how far I've come. I've been through so much up until this point. To feel good and feel like myself is uncharacteristic and slightly uncomfortable. I wanted to put a self-healing article together that was subsequent to my thyroid article from February of this year. This article didn't pour out of me in the same way, however I broached subjects that I know have been buried by years of deep pain. This article had a similar healing effect once finished. I was able to write about things without the same emotional charge that I've once had. This is such an mystifying feeling. When else is there a time to celebrate this before it may take new form.

I submitted my article to the Spirit of Change Journal of Natural healing, which is where my thyroid article was published. It has been accepted and will be coming out Spring edition March 2019. I will be sure to share once it's been published. I am excited to write and share about things that connect us!

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