is a lifeling journey

Body Image

I’ve always had a body image complex, who hasn’t? Especially being more curvy much of my life, now learning that we are all born with a constitutional makeup in my Ayurveda training, in which food and environment responds differently person to person. We all know this to a point and call it genes. It’s more than that. I’ve also learned that our bodies protect us from what we go through and reflect this season to season.

Life Experiences

Nothing like life experiences to remind you who is in charge. You get to a point in life maybe with your career, living situation, love life, and personal successes and you begin to feel pretty good about yourself.

When significant life events cross your path, it can manifest itself in your life and your body in many ways. Being a woman with hormonal peaks and dips also plays into how this shows up.

Becoming a mother was transforming on all levels and definitely showed up physically. Losing my father had its toll on all levels too. The challenges can be many. These are the things in life that come up and ask us how we move through it. I have moved through some moments with grace, much of it not.

Ever Changing

I’ve come to the realization that this is ongoing like anything else. It takes self-reflection, inner work and strength, and a will to want to show up for yourself differently. Honoring the curvy Kapha in me, I yet again bounce back to a new place of possibility in the midst of feeling hopeless and full of despair from what 2020 tried to deter me from. I am stronger than my experiences, and I know my body in a new way to do something about it. Thank you body for how hard you work for me and all that we’ve been through together. TI AMO.

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