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Adara Yoga

Adara in Sanskrit means regard, respect. honour, notice. fondness, attention, care. Ritu yoga


Presenting yoga classes to support women. What to expect: this yoga class will include a typical arc of a yoga class, including a centered opening with optional sharing, movement, ending in a 10 minute savasana including pranayama practices (the option to sign off and take your own savasana is acceptable). During the movement portion of class, asanas will be explored and suggested based on which phase of a cycle you’re in. Whether it's a cycle of life or physicality, allow this time to truly connect with honoring the time you’re in without wishing change. This could be bleeding time of life, including preconception and fertility or postpartum through menopause, to honoring any changes you’ve experienced in your womanhood that impacts the physical and emotional. The energetic echo of your cycle continues and connections can still be made using nurturing, dynamic movement, meditation, and pranayam to support how you feel emotionally and energetically. Movement may begin forgiving in nature and may lend to an intuitive burst of energy. This is a feminine approach to yoga meant to support whichever “cycle” you continue to experience throughout life.


During a typical vinyasa class, everyone is doing the same postures and modifying as needed. Sometimes during a dynamic class, if you’re in a phase that is not of high energy, you may not feel as inclined to push yourself. In an Adara Yoga class, gentle to moderate vinyasa is taught, allowing floor movements during your yin phase honoring energy and hormone levels or maybe you just wish to go within. Standing sequences will be suggested in yang phases when you wish to move prana upward feeling into higher, dynamic energy. Floor based practice will be suggested for yin, more feminine stages, working with apana to move energy down and out. Allowing choice throughout class can be an empowering reminder that we have choice in everyday life. It doesn’t mean we are doing something “wrong” or are “not keeping up”. The goal of an Adara Yoga class is to allow the more feminine nature to lead the way and to see the same power in the cyclical way of doing things as in a linear way of doing. Honoring all cycles and phases and the purpose they serve. Honoring the divine feminine and divine masculine together.


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