Why Prenatal Yoga?

Why Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga?

Bethany is a RPYT Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga and Wellness teacher and is excited to bring this valuable information to expecting mamas.

Whether it's a first time pregnancy or subsequent, Bethany recognizes the need of support during this magical, but highly sensitive time.

This unique prenatal yoga can particularly help you navigate the transformation of pregnancy using Birthing Mama, Embodyoga principles, and Bethany's own self-study and experiences.

Calming your mind, easing anxiety and fear around pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Cultivating intuition, empowerment, and inspiration to create a positive birth experience and connecting to the Divine Mother.

Warding off postpartum anxiety and depression with the ancient wisdom of yoga practices and philosophies for daily living.

In addition to embodying the physical transformation that is taking place, yoga directly addresses common physical discomforts through postures that release, tone, and enliven muscles, ligaments, organs, and nerves.

Beyond the physical transformation, there is the emotional impact. Yoga supports your emotional well-being by bringing balance to your mind, deepening your perspective, and releasing emotional energy from your body's tissues. This is supported by postures and breathing techniques that help move energy, or prana, through the body.

Likened to training for a laborious marathon, yoga can help to embrace the spiritual transformation of a new human being -- mind, body, and soul -- being born within you. This journey invites you to explore deeper levels of the self.

Allow prenatal yoga to be one of the self-care practices to support pain relief, the release of tension, regulating emotions, and sense of peace of mind that can continue into postpartum and parenting.