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Knowledge of Life 

Ayurveda is the sacred science and knowledge of life, using food and yoga practices as medicine. In Ayurveda, it is believed that disease begins due to undigested foods and improper food combining. Ayurveda reminds us how to properly digest food and life experiences for a lifestyle toward health, healing, and healthy aging.

If you feel that you've tried everything to acheive your health goals and some things have worked for a little while and either stopped working or motivation was lost, then you are in the right place. Ayurveda can be the piece that works for you. This is because Ayurveda is precise and personalized to your dosha (elemental body type) and to your current habits and lifestyle, while helping reconnect you to your authentic self. Honoring yourself is when change becomes within reach.

In an Ayurvedic consultation, you will learn accessible yoga practices along with nourishing food and lifestyle recommendations. With guidance, it is up to you to listen to your intuition and do the work to achieve homeostasis and balance within your being. Afterall, we are each our own ultimate teachers and healers.

This is a deeply heart centered approach to healing, in which you can learn more about yourself than any other modality. The beautiful thing about Ayurveda is that it's always here when you are ready.

Become a Rogi. Book an Ayurvedic Consultation

In Ayurveda, the Practitioner and Rogi have a deep mutual respect. Rogi is student/client. Get in touch to begin working together.

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