About my journey

Welcome to the world of Bethany Jewell Yoga + Ayurveda! 

I am so glad you are here! I would love to hear about your own journey.. here is a bit about mine and my why. I became a certified RYT200 Embodyoga Instructor in 2018. The Embodyoga intensive program illuminated a profound cirriculum of yoga philosphy, Hatha yoga, with a focus on injury free and whole body movement asana, as well as meditation, pranayama, and mantra practices. This opened many doors of possibility for me as I continued studies becoming certified in Birthing Mama Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga & Wellness. Additional certifications have weaved in Fertility Yoga, supporting IVF with Fertility Yoga, and Perinatal Nutrition & Ayurveda through Bliss Baby Yoga. The feminine and goddess energy has guided me to now study the ancient science of Ayurveda through The Sarasvati Institute of Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy, certification due December 2021. I aspire to support and stir inner empowerment to women on each phase of their womanhood journey. My own path to woman & motherhood has led to the discovery of how much of a need there is to support and nurture all women and mothers.

In addition to being a yogapreneur, my profession is as a senior supervisor at an EHR medical software company. Does certified wife and mother count? ;) Joking aside, don't we feel we have to provide our list of what we "do" that make us "who" we are. I have always been more aligned with alternative pathways of health and education to discover my true passion. In the course of doing so, I pursued a journey of health using alternative modalities alongside conventional medicine. A true picture of health uses a complementary and integrative approach to treat the "whole" person alongside healthy habits that begin at home and in the everday moments. Yoga has provided some of these healthy tools to improve health, relationships, and how to be in the world. This path hasn't always been easy, but by transforming and evolving several times, I've been able to heal many wounds. Like many who work through trauma, my background of pain and grief due to compounded familial loss as a child and patterned circumstances into adulthood has strongly motivated me to face pain and believe in the power of conscious choice and intention. Many of the practices I believe in are the "yoga of everday life" and how to integrate this into the little things.

To nurture further healing this area, I became a member of the The Institute for The Study of Birth, Breath, and Death -- A Home for All who Hold Space for the Sacred Thresholds of Birth, Breath, and Death. How do we support the very painful parts of life that we each have to face -- without getting stuck in our experiences of pain and trauma? Healing and living mindfully after trauma is possible. It just takes work.

Finding the support you need is crucial in identifying healthy ways to face pain or feelings of being stuck. Embracing self love and acceptance and discovering empowerment can have a transforming effect on seeing yourself wholly enough to grow toward health. My path is a testimonal to the power of self-healing and being well by realizing how strong and truly resilient we are and how important it is to embody a strong belief system. This is ongoing inner work and a way of life. My intention is to share this realization by providing services and support using proven practices to work toward endless possibilities in your own life. I call this a deeply heartcentered mindbody connection to living. I have created Adara Yoga using everything I have learned to support my own journey. Adara in sanskrit means to honor. I believe the only way we truly heal is to honor the experiences we have been through, find compassion and adoration for ourselves through it, and to finally let go and heal from each "wound" or experience. To allow it to pass through and to come out on the other side... I am here to honor.your.journey.


  • 200 Hour Yoga Instructor - KMBYoga | Embodyoga, Hatha Yoga with influences of Tantra/Iyengar

  • 90 Hour Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor - Birthing Mama Prenatal Yoga & Wellness | Embodyoga

  • Fertility Yoga, Supporting IVF with Fertility Yoga, Perinatal Nutrition & Ayurveda - Bliss Baby Yoga

  •  300 Hour Yoga and Ayurveda - Sarasvati Institute of Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy

  • Prenatal Yoga FlourishFund Provider

  • Wellness Practitioner

  • Affiliate and promoter of EmbodyBirth and the work of Maha Al Musa

  • Studying Hormone Yoga Therapy - Dinah Rodrigues

  • Studying the Divine Lineage Courses 

  • CE Certificate of Participation, Building Resiliency through Cognitive Reappraisal and Lifestyle modification - Mass General Hospital

  • Member of The Institute for The Study of Birth, Breath, and Death

  • Member of Flowforms Yoga Worcester Well-Being Cooperative

  • Authored Thyroid Healing and Selfcare Wisdom - Spirit of Change Magazine | Holistic New England

  • Supporter of Yoga Center Amherst

~ Thank you to my yoga teacher, Karen of KMB Yoga, for all the depths you have opened up to me ~ Hari AUM

~ Thank you to my prenatal yoga teacher, Corrine of Birthing Mama, for all the feminine and divine possibilities in life ~ MaAUM

~ Thank you to my Ayurveda yoga teacher, Susan, for the wisdom of the ancient, divine knowledge of the Vedas that revealed the ayurveda and yoga within me

~ Thank you to my son for choosing me as a mama and setting off this cascade of divine consciousness

~ Thank you to my husband for reminding me to be "real" in this write-up